Download music video :: Tim James - Pull You Out

music video :: Tim James – Pull You Out

Download music video :: Tim James – Pull You Out

Tim James and Good Steward Music are excited to share with you the new video for Pull You Out which can be found on The Weight of it All project; available for free download at Noisetrade.

The video provides a visual for a very poignant and emotional track where Tim expresses being pulled out of a depressive state.

Tim explains, “While I was in grad school at Southern University in Baton Rouge, I found myself in a dark space for a while. A lot of my friends had moved on to different places and I found myself becoming more isolated. The city began to feel like it was closing in on me and I really felt like I was suffocating. Throughout the entire time though, regardless of what had happened or what I did, I would always remember that the Lord was real and could pull me out of this struggle…and that’s exactly what He did.”

This song is an integral part of the project as Tim further explains, “This project consists of songs that cover a wide range of thoughts & ideas & feelings & emotions & circumstances that I’ve faced and been through; the good, the bad, the ungodly ugly. For instance, “Pull You Out” was inspired by me remembering a time in my life where I was depressed and felt immobile while another draws from a time where things were on the up and up and I was elated to see a loved one. The sum of these songs equates to The Weight of it All. And to be honest, this group of songs may not exactly be all the things that weigh on my heart but they are all the things that have come to the surface while trekking on this path of faith and discovery. The more I learn about who I am the more you’ll know and the better the music will be, at least that’s the idea.”

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