The Validity of the Bible Old Testament.

The Validity of the Bible Old Testament.

The Validity of the Old Testament by Kingsley Onukwube

Must we have blind, unreasonable faith to believe the Bible to be true? Or are there sound reasons that the Bible, and specifically the Old Testament, can be accepted as reliable in every part?

The Old Testament writers believed their message was God-breathed and, therefore, utterly reliable. More than 400 times from Exodus 4:22 to Malachi 1:4, they declared, in just three Hebrew words, “Thus says the Lord.

Below are facts according to Brother Kingsley Onukwube that proves that the Old testament is still Valid today.

1. It is God’s inspired word handed down to Moses and the prophets and can never pass away nor be abolished. Mat.5:17-19, mk13:31, 1pet 1:25

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2. It speaks and reveals the person of Christ. Jn 5:39, Acts 26:22, 28:23, Lk 24:25,27,44, heb 10.7

3. The accuracy of the events: every good student of prophecy will agree with me that every prophecy predicted in the old testament about christ was fulfilled. Some are futuristic.

4. Christ kept the law by attending & honouring jewish feasts & festivals mat 5:17-19

5. All the apostles & saints of old kept the law including paul. Acts 18:18, 21:17-26

6. It is the source of eternal life. Jn 5:39, Lk 10:25,26, 18:18, Deut 8:3

7. Written through the Inspiration of the holy spirit. 2tim 3.16, 2pet 1:21, 1cor 2:10-12.

8. It is pure, infallible, right & to be trusted. Psa 12:6, 18.30, 19.7-9, 119.128,140,142, prov 30.5,6, Jn 17:17

9. They were written for our learning. Rom 15. 4, 2 tim 3:16

10. Written for our warning & admonition 1Cor 10.11.

11. Written to give us hope. Rom 15.4

12. Able to make us wise 2 tim 3:15.

Let us avoid preachers who condemn the law. They are antichrist. Your views & corrections will be highly appreciated.

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  1. Ebuksfab

    1 year ago

    Nice one
    But there are some issues and old testament laws that are not yet clear to many people……. Like tithing

  2. Emmanuel Idanta

    1 year ago

    I read from Paul that believers should not engage in certain argument because they only produce strife. Your position on this matter is that of one who has sealed his mind on a matter and wouldn’t hear any opposing idea, not of someone that seeks the truth over personal conviction.
    This is not a bible student’s way of looking at things. Thanks a lot

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