10 Gospel songs that is best for your Easter Sunday service

10 Gospel songs that is best for your Easter Sunday service

Easter is Here Again, and we are all happy to remember that Remember that Christ came to the world and died on the cross for the sins of the world. It is worth celebrating and churches are in serious preparation for the Easter service. Everybody is doing what he or she can, to have an awesome Sunday service.

Anybody who is involved in anything in church will testify that the week has being too busy for them. One of the people who will be much disturbed is the choir director or coordinator; whichever one you call him in your church. Every one of them will be busy surfing the internet for new songs for easter service. Offcourse no choir wants to do a very popular song especially the Ajebo choirs.

Most churches in Nigeria tends to run their service like the whites do. church looks more of western, the songs and everything is western While some others still love the Local flavor. Whichever category your church belong, don’t worry I have got you covered.

In the list below, I have 5 foreign and 5 local Gospel songs that is is best for your Easter service


5 Top foreign songs for your Easter service Celebration


1.  Raised to Life by Elevation Worship ft the walls group: This song actually speaks volumes about the significance of the resurrection of Christ. Take your time listen to it.

Get the song Here 


2.  What a beautiful Name by Hillsong worship : This song is just the perfect song for Easter worship service, its one song you can sing and listen to all over again without getting tired of it.

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3.  O come to the Alter by Elevation worship ft chris brown & Israel Houghton : someone might ask, what is Chris Brown doing on a gospel song, well you need to find out yourself. No Expo

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4. Hallelujah for the cross by Chris Mcclarney: This song is  not just perfect for the season, it also explains the victory that came through the cross

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5. You Took The Nails by Vashwan Mitchell: vashwan Mitchell released this song some few months ago specifically for the Easter celebration.

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Bonus: Reckless Love by Israel Houghton


5 top Nigerian songs for your Easter Service Celebration

1.  overcame by Ada Ehi :  This song has some great revelations of  the  death and resurrection of Jesus.  I overcame, He won the  victory, he said its finished, my future is alive in him.

2.  No one Like You by Eben ft Nathaniel Bassey: This song just dropped a day ago and I tell you, it’s a must play for you.

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3.  Jesus is Alive by Sinach : This is not a new song per say, but its a song that helps you  get or understand the reasons why Jesus died on the cross for us.

4. Jesus is Alive by Lynne cleo : This is another song for Easter celebration. It’s a song that celebrates the resurrection of Christ.

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5. Excess Love by Mercy Chinwo : what else could make Jesus leave heaven to come down to Earth and die for mankind if not love. Israel Houghton said it’s Reckless Love. This love is Truly Excess

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