Ejike Esiobu White Worship Mp3 download

Ejike Esiobu – White Worship

Ejike Esiobu – White Worship Mp3 download

Ejike Esiobu aka “salvation Metal”, born early 90s is a Rock artiste, Heavy Metal singer and a songwriter from eastern part Nigeria. Ejike has ventured in music to exploit his talent with his first recorded song “White Worship” which is believes to be brink of light into the music industry as it will be first of its kind.

In the previous year, the Rock artists has been working with his producer Vicpiano at “Symphoni Multimedia Studio” on the song which he feels is inspiring with its soul touching lyrics and hope it spurs the world with positivity and spiritual adherence. When the asked about what he feels about music the Artiste said “Music gives you hope but Rock & Roll gives you what you hope for”.

“To be substantial in the music world, He chose a genre exceptionally different from the already existing ones in Nigeria to match my style of music and production in order to promote Rock and Roll in Nigeria and to encourage other Rock Artiste”, Ejike told to Audioinferno.

The officially release his very first Alternative Single titled ” White Worship “, a song about the people of God coming together with one voice from all nation to worship and experience the greatness of God.


Artist information:

Name: Ejike Esiobu

Song title: White Worship

Ig Handle: @ejikeesiobu

Phone Number: 09057302024

Producer: Vicpiano

Genre: Alternate Rock

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