I found connection between LOVE and SEX

I found connection between LOVE and SEX

I have found connection between LOVE and SEX.

Over the years, I have been mute about the synonymous use of the word ‘sex’ for ‘love’ in our societies today through our actions more than words. Just like saying, “I love you” and its same as “I sex you”. It seems like love doesn’t exist without sex.
Thus if you love me truly, then prove it by zipping down or rolling down your panties.
This is both for married couples and the singles in relationships, leading or not leading to marriages.

And today I found the true connection between them.
*Firstly, let’s look at married couples who have to prove their love for one another. Will they do that by having sex all the times? May be its part of it.
*Secondly, let’s look at parents-children relationship. Do our parents have to prove that they love us by having sex with us? Mine never did anyway, may be yours did. Unimaginable things happen in our societies today.
*Thirdly, Let’s look at relationship amongst siblings. Do you have to prove your love for your siblings by having sex with them?
Fourthly, What of teachers-students relationship. Do a teacher need to have sex with a student to prove to the child he cares and loves him/her?
Lastly and the most important, Did God prove his love for mankind by having sex with all men?

Then why do we have to prove our love in our relationships as singles by our availability to have sex with our partners?
Are we not sensitive enough to understand that, the view of proof of love by sex stems from blindness?
Can’t you see that, the request for this prove is sprouts from lust and not love?
Is that not rather a proof that someone lusts after you as a single?
Is that not a proof that you don’t have self control?

Well if love is void without sex; then no parent, no siblings, no teacher, etc truly love their children, brothers/sisters, students, …
Love, I believe is general. How do I mean?
If Love originated from God and was demonstrated through sacrifice, then we should emulate to prove love by sacrificing and not by being sacrilegious. Our urge for sex outside marriage should be sacrificed to the alter of “self control”.

So friends and family,
I found the connection between ‘Love and Sex’ to be NOTHING!
Yes, NOTHING is the connection between them. You can love without sex and you can have sex without love. And that is why you can walk into a clubbing centre; pick a lady, have sex with her and pay her off without any affection. You didn’t prove to love her by doing that, or did you? What happens to a married man/woman who is being satisfied by the partner but yet visits another man/women for sex? Is that not lack of self control and being lustful?
Moreover, you believed to be loved by your family and friends who never had sex with you for a life time. And that is because of the sacrifices they paid for you!

So, why are we believing those lies of LOVE being synonymous with SEX in our relationships? A lot of relationships, especially amongst singles collapsed because of a partner denying the other sex. You hear something like, “do you really love me? then prove it by allowing me have sex with you.”

The urge deposited by God in every man and woman, wasn’t deposited as a prove of love. You don’t have to satisfy your urge by using it to prove love. You just fooled!

God is love and anything done out of love should be holy because God is holy. You don’t prove love by sinning against God. God demonstrated love by sacrificing Jesus. Therefore, we ought to emulate to prove love through sacrifices.

Prove to love in your relationships by being Selfless, Generous, peaceful, gentle, patient, joyous, faithful, self controlled. Embrace Charity, modesty, chastity, and goodness. Galatians 5:22-23
Prove to love people by controlling your urge. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control, so if you can control your urge, then you prove to have love.

Dear friends and family,
The connection between love and sex is NOTHING!
Let NOTHING connect your proof for LOVE with SEX.


Written and Edited By Chicarol Samgoz Chinyere

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