kelvin Ezekiel - Mr Sun Mp3 download

kelvin Ezekiel – Mr Sun Mp3 download [+ Lyrics ]

kelvin Ezekiel – Mr Sun Mp3 download

KELVIN EZEKIEL , commonly called “SUBSTANCE” or “SON OF GOD” by friends, an ardent WORSHIPPER and PRAISER who aims to take HUMANITY to the depth of fulfilled worship in GOD, based in the FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY, given birth to on August 13, 1995 to the KELVINS family and the second son of a large family.drops his second single and coming off the hit single “HEAVENLY BACKUP and it was produced by the versatile Sunny Pee and Pastor Victor.


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MR SUN – kelvin Ezekiel LYRICS

-I’m Mr sun/son
-I am the one
-the earnest expectation of the creation

– I  am the shine, that will light up the world
– and this light that i’ve become it made the people say…
ALL; ah…. Iyeh…iyeh.. Iyeh. E day show for your eyes

– glory halleluya..
–  halleluya all.
– the angels in the clouds they did my halleluyah song
– the Lord my announcer
– and he is my defender
– announcing and defending I go colour the world..
ALL; ah… Iyeh*3 na you go fit colour the world…
call;     the lord is my light you see the light for my eyes oh…
Resp; ahhh… Iyeh. We see the light for your eyes…
Call; I’m Mr sun you see the stuff for my eyes oh… Iyeh
Resp; ah.. Iyeh we see the light for your eyes

Call; e day show for my eye oh.. *2
All; ah… Iyeh e day show for your eyes
Call; e day show for I go colour the world.
E day show for my eyes, I go light up the world..

– It doesn’t matter what comes my way I still know deep inside, deep inside.. Na me go fit colour the world.
– they taught that its a joke
– the Lord is on my side
– burning in my soul, so
Verse -2
-so I sought the prophets, to tell me days to come
– cause this burning deep inside see it burns just like the SUN
– he looked into the clouds.
– and the SON was in the air
– and his name is Jesus Christ 
– it made the choir say

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