OMW Mp3 download Yanis feat. Evan and Eris & Shope

OMW – Dm Yanis feat. Evan and Eris & Shope

OMW Mp3 download – DM Yanis feat. Evan and Eris & Shope

The Track is a wonderful song with a deep message of chasing your dreams and answering a higher calling. The lyrics to the song are absolutely contagious and the beat is soothing to the ears.

It is the perfect song for any occasion whether you are going on a nice run, taking a family vacation and need to hit the open road, or simply having a night in with your significant other. It also is kid friendly.

This song incorporates the ideal sound of Ella Mai, Khalid, and Jhene Aiko. It is a heartthrob and a for sure must listen! Enjoy.

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