Brooke Deleary – "Talk To Me" Mp3 download

Music : Brooke Deleary – “Talk To Me” Mp3 download

Brooke Deleary – “Talk To Me” Mp3 download

Brooke Deleary, one half of sister-duo LOVECOLLIDE, has released her first song as a solo artist. “Talk To Me” is simple and stripped down relationship song that begs for better communication that features Brooke on an electric guitar and her pitch-perfect vocal.

We reached out to Brooke to tell us about the song and solo venture.

“Brooke (music) is simple me,” she replied. “I started writing three years ago as therapy while on tour with LOVECOLLIDE. ‘Talk To Me’ was the first song I had written for myself in years. I kept it tucked away for so long because it was simple and personal. I didn’t think it special enough to release. I have no specific goal with my music but I do plan to continue to use songwriting as therapy for my life and release music that is just simply me.”

Brooke released a video on the day of the single’s release, which you can watch below.

A few days after the release, Brooke posted the following update on her Instagram page.

“I felt so nauseous after I released ‘Talk To Me’ the other day. Now that it’s out, I’m just excited to release more! I thought it would feel like an end now that I’ve done all I can with the song, like “who are you kidding, brooke? That was fun but ‘Talk To Me’ is pretty much it for you.” But it truly does feel like just the beginning. So, welcome to my world people. Here we go!”

Sounds like more music is coming!

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